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14 Police Man Cave Ideas

You come home after a long shift. You're tired, and have about ten hours until you need to get back to work. You don’t have much energy, but you need a place to unwind.  Every hero deserves a home base and for you, being a part of the police force is a lifestyle, not a job.  This article contains Police Man Cave Ideas that will help you create the perfect space to relax, burn off energy, or otherwise take a break from the rest of the world while still showing your pride for protecting and serving others.  

1) Adjustable Bookshelf

The perfect man cave has relaxations and entertainments to fit your needs. It may also contain the tools you need to keep your mind sharp. Adding a bookshelf to your man cave will allow you to store your entertainments, whether they are fictional books, nonfiction manuals, magazines, or other material. These adjustable shelves let you store any size books, games, or other items. They can even be made large enough for textbook-sized manuals and folders, if you tend to take your work home with you.

2) DIY Wooden Thin Blue Line Flag

Police officers are what some call the “thin blue line.” This line represents police officers in uniform holding back chaos. In honor of that, many people display an American flag with the thin blue line in place of one of the stripes.

In honor of the officers who serve, no man cave is complete without a thin blue line flag. You can make your own flag from wood using the method described in the video. This flag makes a great centerpiece for the main wall of any man cave.

3) Light Blue Paint

Light blue paint is known to have a calming effect. It is great for a place to relax, and goes with many color schemes. You can mix different shades of blue without clashing, which is great if you have a lot of police décor. When you have a profession in law enforcement, it is natural the proud friends or family may gift police themed items. Since police are associated with the color blue, you will probably have blue writing or accents on various items.

4) DIY Cop Caddy

When you get home from a long shift, you may toss your gear wherever you can. This can lead to things getting misplaced and increase your time to get ready each morning. Instead, you can make a cop caddy, a wall rack designed for police gear.

This video shows an inexpensive way to make your own cop caddy. Since it is a simple design, you can easily add your own modifications, such as a gun safe or changing the size of the bar.

5) Duty Tactical Gear Rack

This Duty Tactical Gear Rack is wall-mounted and made with a combination of hardwood and stainless steel. It has a lockable compartment with a strong magnet on top to safely store your gun. The shelf leaves room to store any number of items, and the vest rack is convenient and heavy duty.

The rack comes in walnut, oak, or cherry. It can have an American Flag decal, thin blue line flag decal, or a customized one for no extra cost. This costs more than doing it yourself, but yields a nicer product and comes ready to install.

6) Exercise Area

A man cave is not only a place to rest, but also a place to have peace and quiet when doing what you love. People don’t join the police for the great pay; they devote themselves to what they do. If you are devoted to improving yourself, or if you exercise to let off steam, then having a home gym or exercise area in your man cave is a must. This gives you a private space to work out for relaxation or training. It could include treadmills, weights, or workout benches like these.

7) ​​​​​Secure Door with Lock

It is important to have your man cave secure if you are going to be storing your gear in there. While many man caves have valuable items, it is most important that a would-be thief or curious child does not get a hold of a gun or other police gear.

A law enforcement officer’s man cave should have a secure lock or deadbolt. This means that they do not have to lock away all of their gear, or their badge, when they are off duty at home. They can just lock the door.

8) August Smart Lock

You are going to dinner for an anniversary, or to hang out with friends. You got home from work, showered, and immediately rushed out the door. Now the kids are at home with the babysitter and you realize you forgot to lock the man cave.

The August Smart Lock lets you lock the door from your smartphone and ensure that your man cave will be untouched when you return home. It is also great if you leave the house empty and want to make sure a burglar doesn’t get to any valuable items inside.

9) Massage Recliner

After a long shift, you need a place to rest. You may need a nap, a massage, or just a place to sit and watch TV. Massaging recliners are a great solution, but are not always an option due to cost. This Flash Furniture Massaging Multi-Position Plush Recliner has massage settings and a footrest, but is inexpensive compared to most recliners. This recliner has nine massage modes at five intensity levels, as well as a built-in heating function so you can relax without paying a lot of money.

10) 360 Degree Heated Leather Massage Recliner

A simple recliner is nice, and you may love a massage function. Sometimes, though, you want a plush recliner that you can sink into. For a little more money, you can buy a HomCom massage heated PU leather 360-degree swivel recliner chair. This luxurious chair will ensure you have a wonderful place to relax, nap, read, or anything else you want to do in your man cave. The swivel function adds a whole new level of comfort and enjoyment, also.

11) Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Many people in law enforcement have personal weapons, and some take their weapons home with them from work. As such, a personal handgun safe is an important addition to a man cave. This Stealth Safe is a convenient place to store up to five handguns in your home.

Having your gun stored in the man cave will keep it secure, and likely out of reach of children and pets. In most cases, this will be a less exposed area of the house.

12) ​​​​​​​Lightning Single Gun Wall-Mounted Handgun Vault

If you have limited space, but still need a place to store your handgun, try this Lightning Single Gun Wall-Mounted Handgun Vault. This only stores one weapon, but it is convenient and cheaper than many gun safes.

Putting this in your man cave will keep it safe, and ensure you have easy access to your weapon for self-defense. The wall-mounted safe takes up almost no room if you have a small space and need to store your weapon.

13) ​​​​​​​​Hornady SnapSafe Portable Lock Box

Some people in law enforcement may need to transport their weapon frequently. If you are operating on a low budget, you may need a single gun safe for all your needs. This Hornady SnapSafe Portable Lock Box is safe for any type of travel, or can be stored anywhere in your man cave. It is cheaper than most house gun safes, and you don’t need a second safe for your vehicle if you travel with your weapon.

14) Nexus Self Adhesive Carpet Tiles

When we think about comfort and relaxing spaces, we think about carpets and soft surfaces; however, that may not be right for this man cave. If you come here to watch TV or exercise, you don’t want a soft carpet that is hard to clean. This carpet is soft enough to cushion weights at a weight bench or to feel nice under your feet. It is also hard enough that it is easy to clean, and keeps the space from feeling like a bedroom. Since the tiles are self-stick, you can install them yourself using manufacturer video and instructions. This carpet can be purchased at Amazon.

Are you, or a friend, in law enforcement? Did an idea catch your eye, or are we missing an idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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