Welcome to YourHouseNeedsThis.com!

My name is Ron and my wife's name is Thalita, welcome to our website!  We're the creators of YourHouseNeedsThis.com.  This website is all about helping the average homeowner make their house a little more awesome by providing home ideas, decorative advice, and product recommendations for your home.

We started this website after Thalita and I purchased a home in early 2019.  You see, this home was originally built in the year 2000 and the previous owners did ABSOLUTELY no upgrades, so our home was a complete renovation.  

While on our journey to renovate from top to bottom, we realized that there are literally thousands of cool ideas and great products families can put into their homes.  Some of them were affordable to us, others were not, but we really enjoyed the window shopping part of the journey.  

And so, we decided that starting a website helping others get great ideas and helpful product reviews is something we wanted to do.  Our goal of this website is to share what we learn while we continue renovating our home and share the journey with all of you.